What is Special Hazard Fire Suppression?

A special hazards fire suppression system is used to put out fires in areas where water damage from fire sprinklers can cause costly or irreparable damage to the assets being protected. Special hazards systems use agents to extinguish a fire quickly without damaging property.

The Need for Special Hazards Suppression

Special hazards fire protection systems are designed to protect high risk areas from a fire. Special hazards can be costly equipment, irreplaceable assets, or hazardous materials. If any of these hazards are present in your building, traditional fire sprinklers may not be the right form of fire protection for you. Special hazards suppression systems are designed to protect the specific hazards within your property. Some common places where special hazards systems are needed include:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Chemical or power plants
  • Data Centers
  • Museums
  • Historical Archives

Common Types of Special Hazard Systems

    • FM200
    • CO2
    • Foam
    • Inergen
    • Novec 1230
    • Water mist

Benefits of Special Hazards Fire Protection

The installation of a fire suppression system can provide many advantages to your business. Special hazards fire suppression provides a fast acting, efficient way to extinguish a fire. This means that the damage to your building is minimized, saving you money due to costly repairs and downtime.

In addition, many special hazards systems use clean agents which do not leave a reside behind after discharge. Clean agents require no clean up after a fire occurs which lessens downtime and lowers the amount of revenue lost when a fire breaks out. Also, clean agents do not damage unique assets such as art galleries or historical artifacts that cannot be replaced.

Install a Special Hazards System Today

At International Fire Protection, we have a team of trained technicians ready to design and install a special hazards fire protection system that will protect your assets. We can help you determine which fire suppression system is right for you based on the special hazards present in your building. At IFP, we also service fire suppression systems to keep them up and running. If your system breaks down or needs repair, we provide 24-hour emergency services for your special hazards system. International Fire Protection can install a variety of systems including FM200, CO2, Foam, Inergen, and water mist systems. If you are interested in learning more about the installation of a special hazards suppression system, contact us today.