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From NFSA TechNotes April 11, 2017

Clarification has been requested regarding NFPA 25 test requirements for preaction valves. NFPA 25-2017, Table identifies that a full flow test of preaction/deluge valves shall be performed annually. However, section identifies that the preaction valve shall be trip tested with the control valve fully open a every 3 years. Section says during those years when full flow testing is not required, the preaction valve shall be trip tested with the control valve partially open.

Is it the intent of NFPA 25, that preaction systems valves be tested with the same frequency as dry pipe valves?

Answer: This section was confusing in the past editions since preaction and deluge valves were lumped together. In the 2017 edition, the committee separated the requirements to make it easier to understand the difference.

Preaction valves (except for those protecting freezers) are to be “trip tested with the control valve fully open” every 3 years, just like dry pipe valves. During the other 2 years, it is done with the valve partially open, similar to the requirements for partial trip testing of dry pipe valves. The requirements have not changed in the new edition, but were just clarified and separated from the deluge valve requirements.