Serving the Atlanta area since 1973 with Sprinkler Inspection and Installation, Pump & Hydrant Testing, Maintenance, Repair, Design, and Retrofit

Our Services

  • Fire Pump Service and Testing

    Fire pumps are used to ensure an adequate water supply by increasing pressure for fire suppression and are an integral part of the fire protection system for a facility. Failure of a fire pump to operate under fire conditions can result in a major loss. To help ensure the fire or booster pump is working, there needs to be...
  • Inspection and Testing

    Why do you need a Fire Sprinkler System Inspection? NFPA Standards on Inspections For the State of Georgia NFPA-25 1-4.2 The responsibility for properly maintaining a water-based fire-protection system shall be the obligation of the owners of the property. By means of periodic inspection, tests, and maintenance, the equipment shall be shown to be in good operating condition or any defects or...
  • Fire Extinguishers

    Fire Extinguisher Inspections and Recharging is fundamental to workplace safety. Atlanta Sprinkler’s fire extinguisher services in and around the Atlanta Metro area include inspection of your company’s extinguishers, any necessary extinguisher recharge, and full written report for your records. We carry...
  • Service

    Atlanta Sprinkler Systems offers 24 hour emergency and repair service for all types of water based fire sprinkler systems. Technicians will be able to diagnose and repair your system quickly and accurately.
  • Installation and Renovation

    Interior alterations receive quality workmanship for which Atlanta Sprinkler has become recognized.